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It applies to any person that the health is indispensable to pursue quality of life. However, most of modern people look severely damaged by both mental and physical strains. Despite the progress of the modern medicine, we must recognize that we have to obtain our own health by our own hand.

Along with progress of the enterobacterial studies, the more attention tends to be paid on the relation between the enteric environment, and health and researches are recently expanded over immunity, aging, and the life support mechanism.

The “AmitAbha” is the food product made of the extract of the specially fermented (by using lactic acid bacteria of 16kinds, 25stocks) soybean, which is free both from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and not genetically modified. Please let the enterobacteria-produced “AmitAbha” serve to improve your health.

About our Business

  • Plan, produce, wholesale, retail, import&export of supplements focusing on lactobacillus fermented extracts, cosmetics, supplements for animals and agriculture.

  • Planning and Holding seminars for health, medical care and agriculture.

The origin of name of AmitA


AmitAbha means immeasurable wisdom, and AmitAyus means immeasurable life in Sanskrit.

AmitAyus means "Immeasurable life".

AmitAbha means "Immeasurable wisdom".

Our main products, lactobacillus fermented extracts “ AmitAbha” have been researched and developed as the concept of immeasurable wisdom and immeasurable life. AmitAbha helps to support improving the intestinal environment that is essential condition for healthy longevity and enhances immune system.


Company name AmitA Co.,Ltd
Representative director Yoshinobu Saito
Address Harmony Wing 5th, 1-32-4 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
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TEL 03-6276-8381
FAX 03-6276-6070
Capital ten million yen
Established 23 July, 2009